Tips To Help Sell Your Home Faster

Power wash exterior including porches and patios if needed to give a clean well maintained appearance. Check exterior for rotten wood and replace or repair, caulk and paint where needed.
Trim tree branches away from the house. Most inspectors will comment on this in their report. 
Clean or paint front door if needed. The first impression when you walk up to a house and enter the home is very important. Be aware of smoke or pet odors.  Many buyers will not even enter a house if they smell smoke and or pet odor.
Trim shrubs away from the house and walkways and a layer of fresh mulch will help with curb appeal. Put away all law equipment, toys and any other clutter in your yard. Put your trash can in a place where it cannot be seen from inside the house or when you drive up to the house.
Walk through each room and make sure you don’t have any burnt out light bulbs. Clean light fixtures and check for spider webs. Clean fixtures always brighten up a home.
Check your return air grill to make sure it is not covered with a thick layer of dust. This will make it look to the buyers and agents as if you do not maintain your unit. If they think you do not maintain your unit, they may assume the same about your home.
Remove excess knick knacks and clutter from book shelves, fireplace mantle etc. A few family photos are fine. If you have a lot of furniture in one room, you may want to remove a few pieces to make the room appear larger. You don’t want the potential buyer to feel as if the house is not big enough.
Clean your oven and microwave (Yes serious buyers will look inside) and wipe down all of your appliances. Remove small appliances and canisters from your kitchen counter tops to make your kitchen appear larger. Coffee pots and toaster are OK to leave out.
Go through each room and de-clutter as much as possible. Put books, magazines and mail away or in a neat pile. Empty trash cans in bedrooms and bathrooms and make sure toilets are flushed.
Remove or put valuable property such as jewelry in a safe place.
The best way to get top dollar for your house is to have it upgraded as much as possible. A house with bright paint colors, carpet, Formica counter tops, dated fixtures or wall paper will be a little more difficult to sell than a house with neutral paint colors, wood or laminate floors, updated fixtures, tile and granite counter tops, These are considered upgrades. In most cases the updated home will not only sell faster, but sell for a higher price as well.
Before showing your home if possible turn on all lights, open blinds (the brighter the better) have the house set at a comfortable temperature, if a house is too hot or cold most buyers leave quickly. Most people keep their upstairs warmer during the day when no one is home. Make sure upstairs is as comfortable as the rest of the house for showings.
Air fresheners and soft music playing in the background are nice touches. If it looks good, smells good and feels good the buyer is more likely to stay longer. 
Try to always be prepared to show your home and have it in show condition. You never know when your buyer will call to walk through. It is better to show the house even if it is not perfect, rather than not show it at all. It can’t sell if we can’t show it. Very rarely will a buyer come back when it is more convenient for you. There are a lot of homes for sale out there.
Remember there are sellers out there who do all these things and more to help sell their homes. The homes that need the least amount of work usually sell faster and for a higher price.
Please call me with any questions you may have about getting your house ready to show.